About Libby Kowalski

Artist Statement

As a child, I watched my mother, a skilled seamstress from the Czech Republic, fashion articles of clothing without the use of a pattern. She would choose a fabric from the many stacks of fabrics in her workroom and cut out strange flat shapes which she magically turned into three dimensional garments at her sewing machine.

All of us are around textiles constantly, yet few observe their construction or wonder why one textile looks different from another. The strict horizonal/vertical grid is intrinsic to all woven textiles, yet each fabric develops its unique personality through numerous arrangements of yarn colors, textures, dimensions, fiber content, densities and flexibility as well as limitless geometric interlacements.

My work is inspired by this versatility of form, design and color whether through weaving, painting on existing fabrics, or repurposing already manufactured technical textiles. Over the years, I have created various bodies of work that represent my ongoing interest in this textile medium with all its challenges and possibilities.

— Libby Kowalski

Libby Kowalski Artist Repurposed Fabric Bridal Falls